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Welcome to Inland Reptile ~ The collection and breeding efforts detailed within this site are the culmination of my 20 years as a reptile keeper, breeder and enthusiast. I currently maintain and breed over 20 species of Pythons and Boas. This collection includes many rare and hard to find species. Many of these species have become increasingly difficult to obtain in recent years, casualties of the shifting trends in herpetoculture. In addition I also work to maintain genetically diverse, pure lineages of all the species I keep.

Reptiles have been a lifelong passion and I strive to provide quality animals and solid customer service, before and after every sale.

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I am very pleased to announce the completion of "The Complete Childrens Python". This comprehensive book covers all aspects of the Antaresia genus. We are now accepting orders for signed copies.

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In the checkout process there is a place to add special instructions, please use that if you would like me to personalize the signature, such as signing the book to a particular person etc..

Shipped by USPS, please allow 2-5 business days for shipping. Additional cost for signed copies is due to extra cost incurred shipping to each other and ultimately to the customer. Please allow an additional 2 weeks for signed copies.

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I am very pleased to have completed work on the most comprehensive book covering the carpet python complex to date.

The book was written by myself and Dr. Justin Julander and covers all aspects of carpet python husbandry and natural history.

Click the image at left for an excerpt from John Weigel.






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