Inland Reptile


Corallus hortulanus is a slender, laterally compressed species growing to lengths of 4-6ft. Like all members of this genus the Amazon tree boa possesses a strongly prehensile tail.
This is undoubtedly one of the most variable snake species in the world in terms of color and pattern. No other boid displays the diversity of appearance that is seen in C. hortulanus. Individuals can range can be any shade of yellow, orange, brown, gray, or red. The flanks and dorsal surface is generally patterned with darker rhomboid shaped markings though some individuals can be nearly patternless. This limitless variability can even occur within a single litter.


As its name implies this is a species primarily found in the wet forests of the Amazon and surrounding areas.




This species is widely distributed throughout the Guianas and the Amazonia.







I am currently working with a group of multi generation c.b. animals. The group consists of yellow and orange individuals.

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