Inland Reptile


This is an average sized carpet python with adults typically growing to a length of around 6’.
Though there is some variation in color and pattern in this taxon the degree of variation is much less than is seen in either mcdowelli or cheynei.  Most specimens are silver/grey and black animals. In some portions of their range the dark base color can range from black to brown or even subtle red/brown tones. Probably the most unique aspect of their coloration are the blue/gray tones seen in many specimens. Generally confined to the ventral surface these shades of blue can be stunning. Like most carpet pythons they are predominantly banded in pattern. This form shows a strong tendency for anterior lateral striping.  The head pattern of Morelia s. metcalfei is also distinct, consisting of a strong arrow head pattern on the perimeter with the center being somewhat obscured and poorly defined.


Morelia s. metcalfei is strongly associated with wooded areas and the various river courses that drain their range.  This python is are also referred to as the Murray-Darling carpet python, a reference to the Murray and Darling river drainage systems where they are found.  Semi-arboreal in habits like all carpet pythons, Morelia s. metcalfei is often found sheltering in trees. This sub-species is also at home in rocky areas.


The southern extent of the range of the Inland Carpet Python encompasses in the area from the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, east along the northern edge of Victoria. This taxon inhabits most of the interior of New South Wales and of southern Queensland, west of the Great Dividing Range.



In February 2008 I was fortunate to have been able to import 2.2 Morelia s. metcalfei from a Europe. The following year I was able to obtain an additional 1.1 from an entirely unrelated bloodline. I am very excited to finally be able to work with this taxon.

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